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At ccha, we continuously strive to improve our services and the experiences our residents receive from us.

In April 2020, we unveiled our new vision of ‘Delivering on our promises’ and through the development of our corporate business plan, our strategic goals over the next five years have been set in order to help us achieve this.

We are excited to share our priorities for the coming years and by delivering this information through our new digital platform, we will be able to update you on a yearly basis.

Through a widespread consultation programme carried out in 2019, residents told us what they wanted us to focus on, and we have split these priorities in to five objectives:

1. We will have a service which is shaped by our residents for our resident
2. We will be an employer and partner of choice
3. We will have an exemplary record of safety
4. We will be resourceful and innovative to deliver an increased programme of genuinely affordable quality homes
5. We will deliver a high-quality service with no increase in costs

Tracy Cullen, the Chief Executive of ccha explains our focuses over the coming years. Click here to watch the video.

You can access the new Corporate Business Plan here.

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